100% Organic Home Loans

"No additives, down to earth and real!"

Often your future can seem like a stretch. Whether you are buying or building your first home or your last, it makes sense to have a plan for achieving your goals – liveable goals for today and for the long term.

What is 100% Organic Lending? I like to think of it as sustainable and healthy, with no artificial additives – down-to-earth and real. As you evolve your plan, finding the right mortgage adviser can be crucial. You’ll need someone who listens and can help you with obtaining finance to realise your property investment goals. Someone who can appreciate your personal vision. It helps if you can articulate your values in advance. These values will underpin your future goals. Take your time and get it right.

A good mortgage adviser will respect you and your goals. They won’t try to convince you to borrow more money than you can realistically service. Your adviser needs to be honest with you about what you are proposing and what strategies might best suit your situation. A good mortgage adviser will connect you with other real estate professionals who will also recognise and support your goals: for example, a reliable accountant, solicitor, home inspector or insurance broker. People who are good at what they do tend to find each other. You know it in your gut when someone is being honest with you – trust that feeling.

As a financial adviser with 15+ years of experience in the mortgage industry, I am keenly aware that most people want to feel they are in the driver’s seat, with a friend riding shotgun. Anytime you seek new financing there are many factors to consider. No situation is exactly the same, because as you grow as a person, so too does your philosophy. As a survivor of the GFC in the USA, I learned a few hard truths and this experience has served to reinforce my pragmatic approach and to ‘keep it real’.

It’s really important to remember that taking responsibility for your financial decisions is yours alone. As a mortgage adviser, I can recommend options, but I cannot make your decisions for you. 

I am also independent. I don’t work for the banks. I work for you.

I know better than most that choosing your mortgage adviser is a very personal decision. It needs to feel right. This person is going to be delving into your personal lifestyle to better understand and represent you. If an adviser doesn’t ask searching questions, then it’s a sign they don’t really care or that they are insufficiently skilled or experienced at their job. Given there are so many economic and regulatory issues in flux, today it really pays to have a professional on your side. Someone accountable to you for your success. 

Find out for yourself what it’s like to have an advocate working for you and your best interests. 

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